Phase 4: Discontinued Product

The Product Life Cycle Policy is intended to help you plan for the ultimate evolution of your Instron® testing system and to provide recommendations on how to move forward. Instron is dedicated to meeting customer needs. Keeping you informed is our duty as a responsible supplier.

Phase 4 – Discontinued Product is the final phase in the Product Life Cycle. This formal designation means that products are no longer in production and service support is only available by custom arrangement with Instron Professional Services on a very limited basis. No engineering or manufacturing support is available. For system hardware, no replacement parts are available. For software in Phase 4, no upgrades and/or updates are available. For safety and data integrity issues, customers will be notified.

If your testing system is in Phase 4, take action to protect your laboratory:
  • Improve efficiency with the latest industry solutions capabilities 
  • Increase operator productivity with user-friendly software 
  • Protect your competitive advantage for the long term
Migrating to a New Testing System
As new technologies become available, you have the opportunity to improve your testing instrument to keep pace with continually increasing testing and industry demands. Discontinued systems cannot provide the same level of reliability, data access, diagnostic, and control capabilities that are available from newer Instron product offerings. In light of the support status, users are encouraged to evaluate the risk of maintaining their current systems against the benefits of migrating to newer technology.
Please note the model numbers designated to be in Phase 4 within the following system series:

Models 6021, 6022, 6025, 6027


Models 6561, 6564, 6566, 7180, 7181, 7182 

CEAST Das 8000

CEAST Das 8000 junior

Models 6542, 6840, 6841, 6939, 6941, 6942, 6943, 6944, 6946, 6952


CEAST Melt FlowCEAST Melt Flow

Life Cycle Notice Letter: CEAST Melt Flow Testers in Phase 4–Discontinued Product

6052, 6819, 6820, 6854, 6962

Following Instron pneumatic grips have entered Phase 4: Discontinued Product of the Instron Product Life Cycle: 2712-001/-002/-003/-004/-005/-012/-013/-014/-015/-016/-017/-018/-019/-020. 

Life Cycle Notice Letter: Pneumatic Side-Acting Grips

SATEC Series Static Hydraulic Models BTE, CT, PT, HVP, Riehle, Dartec

Control Electronics
Apex, Vertex, MATS I & II, Mark I, II, III, IV, Mark III-C, Prolog 8802, UTC, CATS, DI100, DI-300, Dartec 9600

IPG Phase 4

Solutions to Static Hydraulic Equipment in Phase 4 – Discontinued Product

Models 1101/TM, 1102/TMS, 1103/TTB, 1104/TTC, 1105/TTD, 1111/TM, 1112/TMS, 1113/TTB, 1114/TTC, 1115/TTD, 1116/TTKE, 1126/TTKH

TT and TM Systems

Life Cycle Notice Letter: Instron Model TT/TM Series in Phase 4 – Discontinued Product

Frames Dynamic Systems Series
12XX, 13XX, 80XX, 85XX, 8861

Control Electronics

MAX™, SAX™, RS Labsite, Wavemaker™, LCF