Top 5 Software Tips for the Medical Device Industry

Learn how Bluehill ® 3 can help you optimize your Instron® testing system for data integrity and FDA compliance.
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Do you have multiple test methods, fixtures, high operator turnover, or complex fixture installation?

Optimize prompted tests to the fullest by inserting videos or images of approved grips or fixtures for each test method. 

This will help ensure your lab is always using the correct grip or fixture for each test.

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Do you record measurements from external devices?

Utilize user-defined transducers to read a variety of measurements such as temperature, weight, or humidity. 

These measurements will automatically record in Bluehill 3 and save with your testing data.

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Does the data you collect with your Instron system need to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance?

Use ComplianceBuilder™ with Bluehill 3 to meet 21 CFR part 11 compliance for electronic records retention. ComplianceBuilder enables labs to track all changes to relevant Bluehill 3 files. 

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Do your operators manually enter sample or specimen data? Are you worried about typing errors?

Having choice inputs can provide operators with a fixed drop-down list of specimen specifications.  Or, take it one step further and use a barcode scanner to input specimen information directly into Bluehill 3.

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Do your products or components fail in a unique way?

Record a test from start to finish using TestCam.  Users can replay the test video while simultaneously following test data from Bluehill 3.  This enables users to track how a specimen fails or monitor specimen behavior throughout a test.

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