Textile, Cord and Yarn

Pneumatic cord and yarn grips provide a convenient method for clamping fiber, cord, yarns and fine braided wires to reduce the problem of jaw breaks associated with testing these materials.

A specially designed horn with a smooth finish and a contoured surface with a graduated cam allows for easy loading and a stress reduced clamping area on the specimen.

Textile Cord, Yarn, and Rope Tensile_Grips

The clamping mechanism can be activated either automatically or through a foot switch. This allows hands-free grip operation enabling the specimen to be held with both hands, for easy loading.

Pneumatic cord and yarn grips provide selectable clamping force to accommodate different materials and excellent follow-up action which compensates for decay of the holding force due to specimen creep.

Principle Of Operation

Where the gripping area of mono-filaments, cord and yarn is small in relation to the strength, normal techniques using standard grip faces usually result in specimen failures adjacent to the jaw faces. 

The pneumatic cord and yarn grips have been designed specifically to overcome the problem of specimen failure by incorporating a capstan design which evenly distributes the gripping force over the surface of a curved half capstan through friction. 

In addition, the pneumatically cushioned gripping force applied to the ends of the specimen compensates for the decay of force due to specimen creep.The pneumatics activate a moveable face, which acts upon a contoured fixed gripping face. This serves as a capstan and provides support for the specimen, making the transition from the free stressed length of specimen to the rigidly clamped portion gradually rather than abruptly, thus minimizing breakage of the specimen adjacent to the jaw face. The capstan also incorporates a polished guide horn, which assists in rapid specimen loading. The polished finish prevents damage to individual fibres during specimen insertion. 

The specimen is placed over the top of the horn and slides down to the proper gripping position on the contoured clamp. The grips may be closed or opened by a pneumatic footswitch for hands free operation. An automatic air kit is also available for hands free, automated, and pretension testing via software or system default settings.

Application Range

  • Type of loading: tensile, static and tension cyclic tests. 
  • Not suitable for high cycle fatigue tests. 
  • Specimen material: fine braided wires, cords, yarns, mono-filaments. 
  • Specimen shapes: round
Item Name Capacity Specimen Diameter Cat #
Clamping Blocks for Aramid (High Denier) Type Cord and Yarns 2714-045
Clamping Blocks for Aramid-Type Cord and Yarns 2714-043
Clamping blocks for general purpose cord and yarns 2714-042
Clamping blocks for UHMWPE type cord and yarns 2714-044
Cord Capstan Grips 2715-001
High Temperature Pneumatic Cord and Yarn Grips 1 kN 225 lbf 0 - 3.2 mm 0 - 0.125 in 2734-007
Pneumatic Action Grips for Cord and Yarns 2 kN 450 lbf 0 - 4.8 mm 0 - 0.19 in 2714-040
Pneumatic Cord and Yarn Grips 1 kN 225 lbf 0 - 3.2 mm 0 - 0.125 in 2714-005
Pneumatic Cord and Yarn Grips CP105953
Pneumatic Cord and Yarn Grips .05 kN 11 lbf 0 - 2.4 mm 0 - 0.094 in 2714-031
Smooth Capstan for 2715-001 2715-002
Smooth Clamping Blocks CP111479