ASTM D903-98 Adhesive Bonds, Peel or Stripping Strength

ASTM D903 is used to measure the peel, or stripping, strength of bonded materials to either flexible or rigid substrates. The adhesive materials are cut into 1 x 12 in specimens and peeled away from the substrate at a 180° angle. This standard is used across a wide variety of applications — ranging from plastic films to waterproofing. The test results in a peel strength, generally presented in an average load divided by the specimen width.

The challenges of testing to this standard:

  • Reporting calculations in compliance with the test standard
  • Data rate used to capture peaks and troughs
  • Gripping materials of varying thickness
  • Eliminating slippage throughout the test

Our solutions:

  • Reporting calculations in compliance with the standard – The Bluehill© Universal Adhesives Applications Module comes with pre-configured test methods and supporting documentation to ensure that you are testing according to ASTM D903
  • Data rate used to capture peaks and troughs – 5900 Series frames enable data capture of up to 2.5 kHz to ensure that all fast changing test events are captured. Too low of a bandwidth may “dull” the system and lead to missed peaks and troughs, resulting in lower average strength values
  • Gripping materials of varying thickness – Testing a thin adherend to a thick substrate may result in a misaligned specimen in the load string. The advanced screw action grips can be adjusted to offset this effect, ensuring that the specimen is centered in the load string
  • Eliminating slippage throughout the test – The advanced screw action grips employ a patented “quick-change” jaw face design which enables operators to easily change jaw faces to accommodate the needs of their materials. Pneumatic grips can also be used for thinner substrates which are able to maintain consistent gripping pressure throughout the test

It is important to review ASTM D903-98(2010) in order to fully understand the test setup, procedure, and results requirements.

For more information visit our Definitive Guide to ASTM D903, Peel or Stripping Strength of Adhesive Bonds.

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